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Vehicle Crashes and Falls are the leading causes of brain injury in New Jersey; and,   falls are the leading cause of brain injury in the elderly.2
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The goal of the brain injury information website is to educate, assist and enable persons with brain injuries, their families, caregivers and professionals to learn and understand about the problems, find the resources and seek whatever information, aid and solutions are necessary to help them with the process of traumatic brain injury.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey
8th Annual Gala

Becky Quick – Co-Anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Box and Harrison J. Gordon co-chair the Brain Injury Alliance’s 8th Annual Gala.

Becky Quick – Co-Anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Box and Harrison J. Gordon attend Brain Injury Alliance’s 8th Annual Gala.

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New Statistics & Tips

Brain Injury Allianceof New Jersey
ConferenceHeld May 16-17

New Statistics & Tips

Brain Injury Association Moves Headquarters

The offices of the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey have moved to a newer, more spacious location in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The new location is only about eight miles from the previous offices, but the Association has traveled quite a ways to get here. “We’ve come a long way since setting up in the home of our founders in 1981,” said Barbara Geiger-Parker, President & CEO. “It’s a very exciting time for us.” When the Association was launched, it was run by volunteers, who used their own homes as the office. Now, almost 25 years later, the Association’s rapid growth continues. After spending more than 15 years in Edison, New Jersey, the current staff has a new home with many more offices and work spaces. We can now be found at 825 Georges Road, Second Floor, in North Brunswick, NJ, 08902. Our new telephone number is 732-745-0200, and the fax number has changed to 732-745-0211. Anyone calling our previous phone number will still be able to reach us, as all calls will be forwarded to the new office. The Family Helpline (1-800-669-4323) remains the same.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control recently updated its tool kit
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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death The View of the areas of the brain - CLICK TO ENLARGE
and disability in the United States. Every year an estimated  1,400,000(1) people in the United Sates sustain Traumatic Brain Injuries!  Putting this in perspective, almost 8 times more Traumatic Brian Injuries are diagnosed than brain cancer and 35 times more cases than AIDS/HIV. 

Brain injuries are life changing and, usually not recognized by the casual observer.  Traumatic brain injuries are known as the silent epidemic and the invisible injury because oftentimes, victims are not aware that something is wrong.   

A brain injury, a closed head injury or traumatic brain injury, isPicrure of a severe auto accident an injury where there is damage to the brain due to an external blow to the head. A brain injury, or traumatic brain injury sometimes referred to in the past as a closed head injury, happens when there is a blow to the head.  The most common occurrences of this are in motor vehicle accidents or falls.  Usually, the skull hits a stationary object and the brain turns and twists on the brain stem.  This will cause either localized or widespread damage. In many instances, the  soft mass of the brain, which is surrounded by and floats in fluid, can ricochet against the skull and create more damage.

There may be a period of unconsciousness immediately following the trauma, which may last minutes, weeks or months. Due to the twisting and rebounding, the traumatically brain injured patient usually receives damage or bruising to many parts of the brain. This is called diffuse damage.

An "open head injury" is a visible assault to the head and may result from a gunshot wound, an accident or an object going through the skull into the brain. This type of head injury is more likely to damage a specific area of the brain.

The so called "mild brain injury" may occur with no loss of consciousness and maybe a dazed feeling or confused state lasting a short time. Although medical care administered may be minimal, persons with brain injury without coma may experience symptoms and impairments similar to those suffered by the survivor of a coma injury.

(1)Source:  CDC website
(2) Source: Brain Injury Association of New Jersey -

3 honored at
25th Anniversary
Brian Injury Association
of New Jersey
Gala Event
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Of the 1.4 million TBI victims each year:
50,000 die;
235,000 are hospitalized; and
1.1 million are treated and then released from an emergency department


  • Motor vehicle-traffic  crashes

  • Falls

  • Struck by or against events

  • Assaults 1

Every 21 Seconds, One Person in the U.S. Sustains a Traumatic Head Injury:
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Traumatic Brain Injury Warning Signs in Children
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